Introducing Zeugma

Hard work and honesty are values that set a company apart from others. As never before, giving back to the environment and community are just as important. SANKO invests in people, supporting over 100 community projects. They believe social responsibility is an important motivation for achieving the highest quality.

Here at SANKO, research and development is 'the' way to improve quality of life. R&D engineers constantly challenge themselves to seek innovative answers in a big world of cotton fibers. Developing new manufacturing techniques in an eco-friendly manner is an art that requires both intuition and experience.

For years, people have had to decide between cotton as the comfortable, environmentally safe choice and synthetics as the fast drying, moisture wicking technical alternative.

These hard decisions are now a part of the past. Engineers at SANKO have mastered an incredible innovation in yarn technology. Sanko is proud to introduce a new high performance cotton fabric: Zeugma.